The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination!

Learning English is a hot topic nowadays. People study it with the hope to get a better job or have more possibillities choosing the career. Therefore, language schools and private tutors pop up all over. They have catchy offers like “English in 30 days”, “several months with us and you’ll speak English fluently” and so on. But it’s not all about that. Even if you spend sleepless nights cramming, it won’t supply you with a lifelong knowledge. Perfect level of language isn’t a final destination, it won’t give you a satisfactory result.

The title of the post is taken from the book”A peaceful warrior”. It shows not only my attitude towards life itself, but also my uderstanding of language learning. If you enjoy the process of studying and get the pleasure from it, you’ll have more positive and substantial knowledge.

I’m interested in language learning and not only English. Languages are everywhere around us, we just need to listen attentively. They give you the possibility to understand this world and people better.

I’m also fond of different psychological questions, especially about people’s behaviour. So, if you have the same feeling about studing, feel free to write me. I’m gonna post some ideas that I find interestion and everything that I find catchy.






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